Unheard Progressions

by Senpai

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My first album that I've put together for all of you. Each song represents some kind of story which i hope connects to many. Enjoy :)

Shout outs to Bob42jh for helping me spread the music love, Julia Starr for letting me use her beautiful artwork as my album cover (check her out here: night-fate.deviantart.com, Nakula Fogg for adding to the album art and header making things look fly (check his stuff out: www.youtube.com/user/suplington), and Witness for constantly reviewing my songs and telling me what's good and bad (witnesshiphop.com).




released March 10, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Another Wind (Nujabes Tribute)
sometimes i wish that everything i saw was what it seemed
but somehow it feels like everything is but a dream
not knowing who you are can be frightening to some degree
so i let the wind carry me to who i oughta be
as i fly to the open arms of some
i am thrown out by the hearts of other ones
but this is life and not everything has a happy ending
this ending can be changed if we just become a bit more lending

so feel free to open your arms to another
be it a friend, family member or a lover
cause love spreads like fire touching all in its path
leaving a few more smiles and happiness as the aftermath

so dont be afraid to let the wind pick up and carry you
cause you'll be surprised at all the people who you can go through
leaving traces of yourself, memories that can never be erased
these memories will create new ones leaving only happiness in your place
so let this wind move round feel and hear all the sounds
this world is spread so far and wide that you will know no bounds
you will reach for the sky and you'll grab it and you'll hold
thinking what can i do to make sure that i never let this go

the breeze feels nice as i lay on a cloud in the sky
floating over people watching cars pass by
the bird above my head keeps singing me a song
as i watch the neighborhood kids exchange laughs and get along
not one cloud in the sky is the same as another
but i gotta say they compliment each other
living life so freely, isnt this how its suppose to be?
wishing they could see what i see, cause i believe i hold the key

the key which opens up the door to no more sorrow
i share my thoughts hoping people borrow
we need a change if we want a tomorrow
people eat way more than what they can swallow
try to be a bit more optimistic
life is good even when it is simplistic
you don't need the things that youll throw out later
but the things that youll always remember

im here now offering a solution
not for pollution but the peoples retribution
time is gonna get us all in the end
so why fight when we could be makin new friends?

look at your reflection in this polluted water
you don't see yourself but the future of your daughter
our mistakes are gonna start a bad trend
where our kids will be hurt by them again and again
but i know, people can begin to see with their hearts
cause when we were born we were all blind from the start
pure and untampered a baby is born
let us not make them a future where their dreams will be torn

the wind continues to show me new skies
ive learned so much it could bring a tear to me eye
open your mind and youre a poet before you know it
i step in his shoes just to find out they dont fit
but i think i can understand just a bit more
as to why different people open up different doors
as i watch and learn and take notes in my journal
this reflection i see becomes a bit more eternal

the sun sets and brings an end to this day
i slowly fall asleep and begin to fade away
brought into another dream a new world or so it seems
the reflection of the moon still looks beautiful in this never-ending stream
i begin to walk in a direction i do not know
hoping to find new things to expand on the old
the wind picks me up and i go along for the ride
touching out to all the different people i slowly pass by